Do you need quality content for your website or publication? 

Hi! I’m Hanaa and writing quality content is exactly what I do! 

As a freelance writer with a background in life coaching, emotional awareness, and personal development, I know how to share information in a way that really connects with people.

Painting vivid pictures with words so that they're both informative and interesting is one of my specialties.

I write content that:

  • Engages readers and starts conversations.
  • Invites reflection and offers insight. 
  • Inspires action and motivates change. 

Being a curious soul who often goes with my gut has led me down a not so typical career path these past few years. 

It’s definitely been a confusing journey at times, but also one that’s granted me such a diverse set of opportunities and skills. 

And pursuing my own truth has made me passionate about helping other women pursue theirs too!

I have professional experience and personal interest in:  

  • Life coaching and psychology
  • Digital media and marketing
  • Healthcare administration and management
  • Education
  • Natural health, nutrition, and holistic living
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So are you looking for a thoughtful writer with an honest, relatable, and fresh perspective? 

Fun Facts!

My name means...

Happiness (in Arabic).


It also happens to be one of my favorite topics to write about!





I love...

Anything that feels like self-care!


Particularly spending time in nature, giving myself home-made facials, and getting lost in a really good book.


I have...

A podcast called Bold True Life that I co-host with my sister.


It’s named after the blog I started in 2017.




Sometimes, I like to... 

Play detective.

I’ve loved mysteries ever since I was a kid. It used to drive my husband crazy that I like to predict the endings of TV shows and movies… but now he does it with me!